Payli Jungle Camp

Backwater of Bargi dam forms a huge lake having enormous potential for tourism development. Realizing this fact, Madhya Pradesh Ecotourism Department Board is introducing "PAYLI" a small village sharing the backwater on its edges, just a 50 km drive from Bargi dam one can enjoy the true beauty of nature and many nature based activities such as:- Trekking, Bird Watching, Waterfall, Boating & Adventure based activities It offers accommodation in Camping Tents & Rest house, Canteen facility. Surrounding area of Payli is also good for nature tourism which includes bird watching, mammals sighting.


Package Rate per person Activity Action
Day Package 600/- Per Person Nature based , Water Based, Fun based, Cultural based
One Day One Night package 1000/- Per Person Nature based, Water based, Fun Based, Cultural based , Stay in Camping Tents
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